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Hair Tips For June Brides

Updated: May 21, 2021

Recently a good friend of mine was getting ready to make her walk down the aisle out of state so I sat down with my favorite stylist Jayne Garcia who has 20 years of experience with Katy brides to ask for suggestions on how to hire a wedding hair stylist and makeup artist to be the best maid of honor possible….if you are a June bride make sure you to keep reading…

Getting married only happens once in a lifetime for most of us and we want to look our best for the event we have been dreaming of since we were little girls playing with our baby dolls or reading those popular fairytales so you can not leave your hair to chance. While you are planning list may seem almost too much to juggle this is why you have a maid of honor or 500 brides maids comes in handy. Let them manage the stress and you manage looking picture perfect on your big day. Having many girlfriends who have previously tied the knot I understand the stress of the big day and how looking your best is paramount. In fact, when I got married I naïvely though I could handle my own hair except I didn’t think of those big day jitters that made me unable to do much besides sit in a chair and take my pampering the way every bride deserves so how did I choose the idea wedding hair stylist?

Choosing A Wedding Hairstylist in Katy

They say pictures are worth a thousand words and if a stylist has a large wedding portfolio you will have some idea how well your hair will look on your special day. Once you find who has experience call them to get a quote so you can make sure their price is within your budget and they have your wedding day available, many good hairstylists will book up weeks if not months in advance especially if you are planning your wedding during June or during prom season. In addition to booking a stylist to do your hair you also want to consideration who will be doing your makeup, remember as a bride your job is to sit back before the ceremony and allow others on your day to cater to you. Will you be wanting to hire the same person for both your hair and makeup? If not make sure to see both of their portfolios and speak with other brides or former clients about the stylist quality of work. Keep in mind that not every hairstylist, even the good ones have the experience in makeup and in hair. I was lucky to have found someone that teaches hair and makeup and it’s why I have been using Janey for years because hair and makeup are two separate jobs. It’s suggested that if you are a bride looking to have both services to use two separate people, in fact sometimes you can ask your hairstylist for a makeup referral or vise versa. When you are hiring a makeup, artist ask what brand of products they use and how your makeup and hair will hold up this is why scheduling a consultation is the key to looking your absolute best.

Wedding Consultation for Hair & Makeup in Katy

As your day gets closer and you have chosen your dress and veil and know the precise look your hoping to achieve you will want to schedule a time to meet with the hairdresser you have chosen to put those visions you have into reality. Do you want to wear your hair up, or running down in long cascading curls? Do you want a more dramatic or natural romantic look? A lot of this will be based on the formality of your wedding are you having a formal wedding held at a church or private venue here in Katy or in Houston or are you having an outdoor wedding? If you are having an outdoor garden wedding, you want to consider how your hair will hold up in our humidity. During the time you spend with your wedding hairstylist it’s also important to pay attention to how they address you when your asking questions and how comfortable they make you feel. They should also be asking you questions about your wedding and taking notes, so they know what your vison is in case on your big day you do what I did and forget everything including my grooms name, seriously! Your wedding hair consultation should last at least an hour and most hair salons do hire for their time upfront or roll the cost into the price you are paying for their services. Remember this is how they pay their bills and take care of their families. Some of the thigs your hair dresser will take into consideration are:

  • Texture of your hair

  • Indoor or Outdoor wedding

  • Pictures from you

  • Suggestion from your bridal party

Tips To Consider Before Saying "I Do" to Your Hair Dresser

#1 The first thing you want to consider is will your hairstylist and makeup artist be doing your bridal parties hair and makeup as well. If so go over your timeline so you can make sure they can successfully take care of everyone and still get you to the chapel on time?

#2 If you are having one person to style your hair and a second person to do your makeup another good idea is to schedule those consultation on the same day so you get a good Gillespie of your wedding day prior to your special day, this will help alleviate some of those pre wedding jitters.

#3 Have your hair and makeup consultation in the morning so you can see how it will hold up the rest of the day. If you are trying for loose curls but have long thick hair and are getting married in Houston where humidity is extremely high will you hair be able to hold up? If your hair will not hold curls the day of your consultation, you want to look for a more suitable option instead of having you hair let you down.

#4 If you are wearing a veil or hair piece bring these items along with you to the consultation as it may not work with the style you chose

Wedding Day Hair Arrangements

Hopefully, you have a great maid of honor whose walking by your side from the moment you got engaged to today when you say “I do” to the man of your dreams. You should provide this person a timetable and keep them in the loop so they can make sure the rest of your wedding party knows what is happening, where to be and at what time. You also want to make sure that you supplied a timetable to your hair stylist and makeup artist. Many of brides have faced a day of chaos and tears because things didn’t run smoothly, and people were missing. Do your best to stay on schedule to prevent any unnecessary stress such as your hairstylist running out of time. Many stylists for more elaborate weddings stay on site to do minor touchups to make sure you look picture perfect until you exit for the evening. If they will not be staying you may want to make usurer whatever lipstick, they used you have a backup that matches it and extra hairpins so if your on the dance floor an those curls on top come tumbling you can have your maid of honor pin your curls back in place.

If you are a bride in Katy, Cinco Ranch, Katy, or Sugar Land seeking a wedding stylist for hair, makeup or both contact J Hair Salon Katy TX at 832-524-8967

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