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What You Should Look for in A Katy Hair Salon

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J Hair Salon inside Salon Park on Mason

Moving to a new town can be quiet freighting for many women especially when you are leaving behind family, friends, and the hairstylist you have relied on for years…yikes! Hair can seem so trivial unless you have ever struggled with a bad haircut that turned you from looking fab to drab. A new haircut has a way of making us feel more beautiful than even our favorite red dress that hides our bloating after having one to many cocktails or cupcakes. In fact, the right hair color can show case our personality and let us express ourselves without uttering a single word but that’s only if we have a trusted hair stylist who can use the right hairstyle, cut, and colors to make us feel alive. If you recently moved to Katy or Cinco Ranch and you are searching for a hair salon let me provide you a few pointers to make sure you choose the right pair of scissors and hands to entrust your lovely locks too.

Tips For Choosing the Right Hair Salon in Katy

There are dozens of salons around Katy and the Cinco Ranch area that claim they can make you look your best, so how do you choose the right one for you? For many women they rely on a friend or coworker for a trusted referral, if your friend comes into work sporting a new hairstyles that you have been considering it would make sense to pick up the phone, call her hair salon in Katy and book the appointment but wait… have you ever noticed just how incredibly different each set of hair is? If you have curly hair and your friend has sleek hair chances are it will not look the same so while a referral is great there are a few other ways you may consider finding a new hair salon in Katy.

Check out their website for a list of services.

Before calling to schedule a hair consultation you want to check out their website services to see what they have to offer and if they have photos of their work that are in line with the services you want. If you want to battle the humidity that leaves your hair poufy you may want to find a stylist who offer Brazilian blow outs or Keratin treatment. If you want a stylist who does wedding updos for a big event- do they offer this as well? One of the best ways to not waste your time searching for a Katy hair salon or sitting down In the wrong chair is to check out their list of services


Many women do not want to drive into the hustle and bustle of Houston and have to deal with traffic on 45 just to get a haircut or a trim in a few weeks. Since Covid many people now work from home so the closer the salon is the better. If you are looking for a hair salon in Katy or in Cinco Ranch where you can avoid traffic and stay close to home J Salon in Katy on Mason Road offers a full-service list and convenience.


Do not be afraid to ask questions, this is your hair! Once you have checked out their website and found a few stylists close to home then one way to narrow down your options is to ask them how many years of experience they have in the services you are looking for. Whole its true that every recent hair school grad needs experience, it does not have to be your hair they practice on. If they have been cutting hair but lack experience with the latest trends in color technology like balayage or ombre hair colors then you may want to scratch them off your list and move onto the next hair salon in Katy that you feel more comfortable with.


While you may have a friend or co worker who frequents their hair salon in Katy you want to read other reviews and if they do not have but a few you can always call to ask them if they have a few people you can chat with first especially if you are going to be scheduling an up do for your big wedding day.

Test Run for Hair Up dos

Before you trust your stylist you may want to schedule a simple service like a hair trim to get a feel for the hair salon and the stylist who is going to be fixing your hair, it doesn’t take long to know if they make you feel relaxed and at ease. Check to see if the place is tidy and clean, does the stylist listen to you and if so then maybe you have found your new hair salon.

Looking for a hair salon in Katy for your next hair cut?

When I moved to Katy I left behind a long term relationship with my hairstylist in Plano who always made my hair look fabulous and not knowing where to go and having no friends or co workers made the process even more nerve racking. In an effort to get my new cable box at Xfinity I saw they were located next to Salon Park. Needing a haircut I was willing to take a risk and stopped in, but they had plenty of stylist to choose from I almost walked away but the woman behind the desk must have noticed I looked like Bambi starting into headlights and recommended Janey Garcia. The moment she cut my hair, spun me around in the chair and I was facing the mirror I knew I had found my new hair stylist and have had zero regrets since. In fact, both of my adult daughters have become her customer as well and believing so much in Janey and the service she provides I wrote this as my way of saying thanks!

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