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Summer Hair Must Do’s For Your Up Do's

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Summer time hair care maintenance

Summer time calls for pony tails, buns, and braids to provide a little relief to us women who enjoy long hair but there is still a lot of things you need to do if you want to keep your long locks luscious when the Houston weather heats up. Just as the UV rays from the summer sun can be detrimental to your skin it can also be detrimental to your hair. In fact, the rays beaming off the sun to your scalp can cook the hair shaft the same way they cook your skin so if your sunburned you can bet if you are not caring for your locks, you are damaging your hair, then mix in all the pool chemicals from enjoy a summer time dip in the pool and your colored treated hair will become brassy, faded, and damaged. Heat- Saltwater -Chlorine- YIKES! Let us share with you a few of our favorite tips to keep your locks free from sun induced stress and manageable in June and July heatwave! But first lets explain why hair is harder to manage in the summer than perhaps any other time of year.

Swimmers Hair

Trying to cool off from the heat and humidity, sound like a touch of heaven but relaxing in a pool comes with a downside because chlorine strips your hair from it naturally protective oils. Chlorine is only one of the harsh chemicals a pool has that if you do not wash out quickly after exiting the pool can dry your hair out or cause split ends. If you have highlights or low lights in your hair and don’t wash your hair you may notice those streaks of blond turning green which can be difficult to remove once they soak into the hair. One of the best home remedies is to take ½ cup of baking soda and 1 cup of clean water, massage it into your hair and then wash your hair and condition it as you normally do. You may need to repeat this a few times depending on how much the pool water turns your hair green. Some ways to prevent the green and keep the chlorine from impacting your hair is to wear a latex swim cap, if you have shorter hair this works great. You can also add conditioner ad shampoo in your hair prior to a swim to give it a boost of protection or if you’re a pool owner who swims regularly consider switching shampoo’s and using Ultra Swim, this has been my go-to product for many years because the shampoo will remove the chlorine and the conditioner will replenish the oil the chlorine strips away.

Frizz Factor

During the summer time us Katy women have to face a lot higher humidity than most any other major city in the United States. The drier you hair is the more prone it is to frizz this is because sun baked hair soaks up extra humidity from the air which causes the hair shafts to swell and causes split ends. If you want to avoid the poof keep your hair healthy and well maintained by using argon oils, conditioners, and if your hair is still not as shiny and smooth as you wish consider having a Brazilian blow out done which will last you all summer long, about 3 months. Looking for a hair salon in Katy TX who specializes in Brazilian blowouts visit Janey Garcia at J Hair Salon Katy TX. Now that we know what the biggest culprits our hair faces let us share our top 3 tips to keep your healthy and beautiful all summer long.

3 hair Care Tips for Summer Time

You do not have to let your hair go down the sink come summer, with these tips your hair can look great even if you are an avid swimmer and spend time outdoors.

Tip #1: Hair Trim

If you haven’t already, kick off this summer with a haircut or have the dead ends removed so that your hair is at its healthiest plus when you have your hair thinned out of inches taken off your hair becomes lighter which can really impact your summer time fun with the heat and humidity we have, and not to worry your hair grow the most during summer so cutting off a few inches will make it grow faster.

#2 Use the Best Products

There are lot of hair care products that can keep your hair from becoming bone dry as they contain UV filters to provide a barrier to your hair from the sun. These sprays, gels, and cream-based formulas are a must if you highlight or color your hair. Spending the day at the beach? Consider wearing a cute baseball cap or a sun hat, those sun hats not only protect your face from the sun but will protect your hair from becoming scorched. Sun hats are a summer time must have.

#3 Skip the flat iron & curling irons

Give your hair a vacation from heating products, if you can’t go all summer without them then minimalize it. On those days throw your hair into a bun or pony tail and head off to work or if you love the look of curls then wash your hair before bed, put it into a bun and the next morning enjoy your beachy waves or consider having a Brazilian blow out or Keratin treatment that will allow you to leave your hair tools in the tool box or in the bathroom drawer.

Okay ladies, that seems easy enough so enjoy your summer time fun and get ready for a dip in the pool!

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